Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's raining its pooring...

Mid chew head shot

Last night was the ladies night lesson. Of course the rain held off till the afternoon and evening when we rode. I went down to get Henry and decided to grab Blue for Erica too.. Henry and Blue are both chill dudes so leading them both was no biggie.

Groomed, tacked up and got on.

Did a nice long walk warm up while Kat and Erica got tacked up. We flatted- posting and sitting trot, 2 point, canter, counter bending, trying to keep our horses from spooking... you know the good stuff :)

Then I was in the spot light for jumping...

The X actually had my fav (NOT) latice panels on both sides as well so it was a wider/scarry jump then I drew but I wasn't sure how to draw the panels ha! Anywho we trotted it both ways 2-3 times and then did the figure 8- over the polls on a straight line (a little angle to the X), left or right turn to the opposite line. The ground polls were set a little long so the 2 that I was instructed to do became a holding 3 - but that was great for us cause Henry LOVED to speed up after jumping so it helped me really bring him back.

It was a fun exercise, more challenging then it looks- keeping your horse stright, getting the strides and then staying straight after the poll for the lead change.

Walked for a while with Erica to cool the boys out.

Untacked, grained inside so he could dry and I could clean tack.

more carrots please!

Then we took all three horses down in the golf cart.. Henry was anxious to get home and walked in front of the cart as I was driving it twice- smooth move!

Off today, hack Thursday, hack Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. You guys looked good last night,especially considering it was a horse-eating-monster night :)

    1. Right! H and H weren't being that nice to us!

  2. You gotta love the faces they make when begging! So cute!

  3. Brantley was afraid of our little gator thing at the barn... So I tied him to it and made him follow us around. It worked!

    1. Hahaha nice! Finger crossed the latice haven't caused us an issue recently :)

  4. Ooooh leading horses with golf carts make me nervous. When I boarded they did this and my horse wasn't paying attention when the golf cart stopped and ran into it. She tore open her chest, needed lots of stitches and was off for a long time :(
    I hear from people that barns "out west" are very different. Would love to hear more about that. You have to do your own care?

    1. OMG! Eeek! There isn't anything sharp on our cart and we never go fast with the horses so I think we are all safe :) Well as safe as you can be ha!

      There are so co-op barns but not many here. I live in the Bay Area so it's not really farm country. The only stuff I do on my own is turn out, blanket and grain (well and ride lol!) cause I don't have extra money to pay someone else ha! :) But they clean stalls and feed the horses for us :)

  5. Of course the rain holds off until just about the time you hop on! Same thing happened to me on Tuesday night :).


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