Sunday, November 10, 2013

Round 2 of the fam pics!

1 of 2 pictures that were kinda ok with Henry, none were great and I wanted a GREAT bunch :)

Saturday started with rolling outta bed and heading to the barn. Grabbed me fab pony and tacked him up. Love having a blanket on him so that he is all clean and sleek! Makes grooming not take long at all!

Hopped on and walked around till everyone gathered and the lesson started.

We flatted inside... WTC, shoulder in, sitting trot etc :)

Then outside to jump. Warmed up over an X and then did a course...

X on the left lead, right turn around to the 5/6 stride, left turn to the single oxer, left turn to the gate, left turn to the 2 stride, left all the way around to the 1 stride (oxer first).

We did that twice and then ended up breaking down the 2 stride since when my trainer rolled the ground poll out in front of the oxer after I did my first time around, I lost my eye. We got it back and all was right in the world- even jumped it both ways.

Sat night we took some more fam pictures since I really didn't love any of the ones with Henry from the last shoot.
Sunday B and I went to a barrel race with my bff.. she took first in the 1D, yeah no big deal :)

Henry got turned out today, hocks getting injected tomorrow, hand walk Tues and Wed, light hack Thur and we will see from there :)

Last but not least, be sure to go over to Hillary's blog Equestrian at Heart to enter the contest! She always has a great blog so be sure to follow her :) Sounds like an awesome product and I want Christmas soap!!!


  1. I like the family photo with Henry!

  2. Barrel racing...I so want to try. Looks like lots of fun!

    1. It does! I want to do it at the fast speeds, i've only done it mildly fast lol!

  3. Barrel racing looks terrifying to me. Cute pic of the family!

    1. Haha... A good rider makes it look fun, a bad rider .. eek! To me at least :)

  4. Barrel racing is so fun :), Love that first picture.


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