Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas, Video and Lesson round 2

Some how my draft was published.. woops! Funny thing is my draft is still open right now on another tab, not sure how it got published.

Here is the real post :)

Here is a baby video of our warm up Saturday, thanks Kat!

Don't miss out on the Christmas exchange!

I need to make my Christmas wish list

Tuesday lesson...

Got Henry, groomed, tacked up, lunged (he was nuts, bucking like i've never seen before) and got one.

I was the only person in our lesson for a while so trainer let me start.. but then I ended up having to wait for the others to jump soooooo extra long lesson for me! lol, jokes on me! It's all good I need the work out :)

Sitting trot, posting, shoulder in, shoulder out, haunches in, haunches out, canter, lead changes... and the lead changes were almost all clean! One bad one going right to left but the rest were good, hallelujah!

We jumped.. warmed up over and X and then did a vertical, about 2'6... I have to give a shout out to Kat cause she did it too on Holly!! So proud of her!

Love putting a clean blanket on my horse!

Off today, hacking 2 days but not sure which (Thur-Sat).


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