Thursday, January 9, 2014

30 things...

1: If your horse could talk what would they say? What would they be like?
I think Henry would be a jock but also really sweet at times. He has become really affectionate over the couple years that I have had him :)

2: If you were a horse, what would you look like (color, markings, etc), what discipline would you do, and what would you be like to ride?

I would be a beautiful gray, who is a kick ass hunter/derby horse who wins everything! :)

3: How many barns have you ridden at?
As a child, 2
As an adult, 3

4: What kind of bay do you prefer? (bright bay, blood bay, etc)
Dapple and lots of chrome!

5: Can you braid a horse's mane? Tail?
I wish!

6: Do you believe that you have to fall off in order to be a good rider?
I believe that a good rider is made over years of hard work.. and over those years, if you are being pushed and challenged you will probably fall off.

7: What do you think is more important: eq or effective riding?
I think the go hand in hand... some of the Eq has gone towards "looking pretty" or conforming to what is popular- that isn't the Eq I am referring to :)
8: Are there any "horse couples" at your barn?

Farrier and his wife both ride.. my hubby is horse savvy but doesn't ride, does that count?

9: Favorite treat to feed your horse?
I love any of the softer molasses ones!

10: Silly quirks your horse has. 

He can undo his stall door, does that count?

11: Strangest thing you've fed your horse.

I don't normally feed him different things.. he normally spits out anything different that I try to feed him that I am eating so I don't waist the bite on him lol!
12: Have you ever made any horse friends through the internet?

Yep, that is how I found my trainer- through L via the internet.

13: Would you buy horse furniture?

Probably with-in moderation :)

14: Funniest horsey moment


Hmm idk

15: Post a picture of your horse (or any horse) making a silly face that you got on camera!

16: What's a moment with horses that you wished you caught on camera?

I've got some great moments on camera (thanks Kat and Andy) but I wish that I had more moments when I was younger and riding/showing.

17: How old was the youngest horse you've met?

When I was growing up, there were babies born at the barn that I rode at and the youngest I met was less then a day old.

18: How old was the oldest horse you've met?

In it's 30's
19: Opinion on colorful tack? (like red or blue)

No thank you

20: Have you ever tried horse treats? Hay? 

Yes, I didn't like either

21: Have you ever felt like giving up on a horse? 

I am sure I have but having that love/horse gene engrained in you, it's hard to walk away.

22: Tell the story about the horse that you first felt "click" immediately with you (and if you can't remember, most recent)

I was in love with Adam. He was a 17h retired Grand Prix horse. Sweetest most adorable and run horse to ride. I did my first show on him and learned a lot on him. I have tried to find the trainer that I rode with that owned him but haven't had any luck :(

23: Ever ridden side-saddle? How was it?

24: Most interesting place you've ridden at.

On the beach?

25: What kind of horse do you like? (sport, stock, endurance, etc)

 Fancy hunters :)

26: Do you feel like you have more patience with horses than people?

Def horses!

27: Is the horse you ride very vocal?

Henry used to be very vocal, thankfully his ear piercing screaming is something he has grown out of :)

28: Ever ridden in the sunset? 

Our old arena had no rails so in our evening lessons, it felt like we were riding into the sunset!

29: How do you like a horse's mane? (roached, pulled, long, etc)

Short and tidy :)
30: What is your dream name for a horse?  

I wanted to name Henry "Cabana Boy" cause he is my younger man that I spend all my time with, trainer said no lol 



  1. Lol his face in that one photo is priceless!

  2. lol! Cabana Boy would have been cute!

  3. I wish there was a like button on your responses!

  4. Awww I love that name! Hilarious!

  5. Fun! I love Cabana Boy too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to follow your blog!

  6. That evening sunset ride picture made me feel all warm inside for some reason! Beautiful!

    1. Those were the nights that we rode pretty much in the dark with one light, you know those lights that road construction people use- yeah one of those lol :)

  7. I really need to do one of these! Love the pictures.

  8. Love the photo with the sunset! And Cabana Boy would've been a great show name for Henry!

    1. Thanks! Right! I will get to use it one day! :)

  9. Love your answers and the photos.
    Cabana Boy is an amazing name hahaha


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