Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dear Henry,

Please don't scare me like that... I don't like it.


I lunged Henry Monday night and he was cray cray... I made sure to walk him lots when he was done so that he was cooled out. He also rolled and was covered in dirt so I had to really clean him up.

Tuesday morning I got a call from trainer that Henry was acting really weird and that I needed to come up there.

She gave him some banamine and I walked him FOREVER when I got there.

He didn't have a fresh poop till almost noon... two more in the afternoon... two more in the evening.

I gave him really really really soupy bran mash and equine sr.

Walked him again in the late afternoon. he was still a little funky but much better then the morning.

Did the last check on him at 8:20 pm and he seemed to be more normal.

Hopefully he is a-ok and back to our regular scheduled program Thursday! (going to give him tomorrow off)


  1. I hope Henry is back to normal today!

  2. Sending good thoughts your way for a happy horse tummy!

  3. Henry, don't scare your mom!!! Hope he is all better today...sounds like things are on the upswing.

  4. Eeeek! No bueno -- I hate those phone calls. Glad he's feeling better tho!

  5. Irish colics often and it's never easy. I wonder if he didn't get a bit dehydrated which led to the issue? either way I'm glad that he is on the mend.

  6. yikes hope he's feeling all better pronto!

  7. I hate that kind of call too! Thinking good, healing thoughts for Henry!

  8. Tucker gave me a scare the other day too. Luckily it passed quickly for us. Hope Henry is feeling better!


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