Sunday, June 14, 2015

Step Up

Thursdays lesson was with the WS which ment I got (yes got lol) to do all the fun (aka hard) stuff that she does lol. But for real, it was good for Henry and me, keeping up with J!

We flatted around with small interjections from trainer here and there. Of course some lead changes witch we had to "discuss" briefly, thank goodness!

The ground was still a tad slick from the rain so we picked a few jumps that were safe and worked on those.

Warmed up over the rainbow X then we did the purple and white which trainer put up to a more legit height. Then we added in the race care/checker oxer which she made a good size oxer.

We did a course and added in the mustache :)

Henry was mostly great! The first time to the oxer was a bad ride on my part and a few deep spots to the mustache but over all a great ride.

Thanks J for making me step up to ride with you lol!!

Rodeo week is upon us!

SLAC on Firday, hanging out on the backside
Ohhhh and this is my 700th post, I think that calls for a contest.. what do you all think? :)


  1. Congrats on 700! :) Contests are always fun!

  2. Can't wait to come watch again! Yes contest!

  3. Happy 700th! :) I agree on the contest

  4. Congratulations perseverance in the writing posts.:-)

  5. Looks like you guys are starting to jump so big and Henry looks great!! Yeah for rodeo fun!

    1. Having a baby ain't got nothin on us!! lol

  6. your jumps always sound so interesting! congrats on the 700 :)

  7. Wow huge congrats on 700!!

  8. Man, 700 is awesome! You go girl

  9. Way to go on 700. Contest sounds awesome ;)


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