Friday, June 26, 2015

HG Blog Hopping!

Henry is feeling better! Thanks for all the well wishes! He got a hack today and was back to normal!

Also, make sure to check out the Gofundme for Lauren set up by Tracy, thanks Tracy!

I am jumping on the band wagon for HG Blog Hop!

I love tack, I have a problem wanting lots of nice tack, I think it's an equestrian thing lol!!

I LOVE my saddle! Ordered in in Nov 2014 and got it Feb 2015, best money spent ever! Antares for the win!

I ride in a half pad and baby pad under that, when those are dirty I use a square pad like pictured.

I finally got my Antartes girth from Christmas (they were back ordered) about a month ago so I have been using that... I also have a Wellfleet girth and a Smartpak leather one.

I use a Harwich tie down.

I have too many bridles.. but for every day use I use a Plymouth (smartpak) and for showing I use a Harwich (LOVE LOVE LOVE).

Show Bridle

At home I mostly ride (I ride in a variety of others to school occationally) in a twisted wire full cheek.. at shows a twisted wire D ring.

I always wear bell boots and either Eskadrons all around or polos all around :)

I will have to do this for Grayson when he is all grown up and outfitted :)


  1. I was surprised at how good SmartPak's tack was! I have two Plymouth bridles I love (we won't talk about the third one that is terrible lol) and a set of Harwich reins that look and feel really nice.

    Henry looks so cute, all the time!

    1. Yes!! Tho I don't love my Plymouth nearly as much as the Harwich and Wellfleet lol

  2. Such a cutie! I'm glad he is better.

  3. Drooling over your saddle. My coach just got an Antares and it is lovely.

  4. that bridle is lovely on him!

  5. Henry is such a hunk! He looks awesome in the SmartPak Harwich bridle

  6. We have the same bridle! Love my SP Harwich :)

  7. You know you have saddlefit issues with your horse when you see someone else's saddles with beautiful wither clearance and gasp lol

  8. Love the stirrup covers. I think I need a pair of those.


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