Friday, June 26, 2015

HG Blog Hopping!

Henry is feeling better! Thanks for all the well wishes! He got a hack today and was back to normal!

Also, make sure to check out the Gofundme for Lauren set up by Tracy, thanks Tracy!

I am jumping on the band wagon for HG Blog Hop!

I love tack, I have a problem wanting lots of nice tack, I think it's an equestrian thing lol!!

I LOVE my saddle! Ordered in in Nov 2014 and got it Feb 2015, best money spent ever! Antares for the win!

I ride in a half pad and baby pad under that, when those are dirty I use a square pad like pictured.

I finally got my Antartes girth from Christmas (they were back ordered) about a month ago so I have been using that... I also have a Wellfleet girth and a Smartpak leather one.

I use a Harwich tie down.

I have too many bridles.. but for every day use I use a Plymouth (smartpak) and for showing I use a Harwich (LOVE LOVE LOVE).

Show Bridle

At home I mostly ride (I ride in a variety of others to school occationally) in a twisted wire full cheek.. at shows a twisted wire D ring.

I always wear bell boots and either Eskadrons all around or polos all around :)

I will have to do this for Grayson when he is all grown up and outfitted :)


  1. I was surprised at how good SmartPak's tack was! I have two Plymouth bridles I love (we won't talk about the third one that is terrible lol) and a set of Harwich reins that look and feel really nice.

    Henry looks so cute, all the time!

    1. Yes!! Tho I don't love my Plymouth nearly as much as the Harwich and Wellfleet lol

  2. Such a cutie! I'm glad he is better.

  3. Drooling over your saddle. My coach just got an Antares and it is lovely.

    1. Seriously the best saddle.. in love! lol

  4. that bridle is lovely on him!

  5. Henry is such a hunk! He looks awesome in the SmartPak Harwich bridle

  6. We have the same bridle! Love my SP Harwich :)

  7. You know you have saddlefit issues with your horse when you see someone else's saddles with beautiful wither clearance and gasp lol

  8. Love the stirrup covers. I think I need a pair of those.


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