Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weather weeeeeenie!!

 I was able to sneak in a lesson Friday late morning before hubby had to go to work.

It was like 80 but I swear it was 100... we haven't had any hot weather so I am totally a baby!

 We did this set of jumps again... a variety of courses using them all :) Henry was great, I rode pretty good and I am having fun on this new course.

Henry made a little rip on one of his hind Eskadron boots while we were riding, he tripped a little on a tight turn/lead change .. i was so glad it was the boot and not his leg!

Pic from a few weeks ago

Saturday and Sunday are turn out days for Henry... spoiled boy! We are going to support a barn buddy in his 4H show tomorrow :)


  1. 80 is hot. At least for me. :)

    That looks like a great set up of jumps.

    1. Right! Hot and riding is no bueno! A cool breeze is def the best!

  2. Looks like a fun course! I am always so relieved to find a rip in a boot and not a gash on a leg!

    1. Yeah trainer always sets up fun courses for us!

      YES boot rip is way better then leg rip lol

  3. yay for boots doing their job! my mare managed to whack her foot against my trailer this weekend drawing blood (but fortunately not much worse) - and naturally it was *moments* before i put her bell boots on... ugh horses


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