Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 of 6

Hubby is on day 5 of 6 for work soooo riding hasn't been possible for me... But I am thankful for his job so I can stay home with our girls!!

Pepper on Thursday says it's too hot!

The girls and I have been at the barn every day tho! I have been pumping Henry with full water buckets and soups (aka equine sr with LOTS of water haha)... I am glad that he is back to himself.

Saturday he got a nice turn out when it had cooled off late afternoon/early evening.. and of course some more soup :)

I also filled everyone's waters with P... we each took a hose and went down the line to make sure everyone is well hydrated.

Sunday we are going to make a special appearance at my BFF from HS's (we are still bff's, fun fact- both my bff's have the same first name, cray cray!) surprise birthday party... so Henry will get a turn out and waters filled. 

Back to the grind Monday!

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