Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June = New Course

Sheehs it's already June?!

Most of you are knee deep in shows, me on the other hand- wishing I could plan for shows but with hubby's schedule nothing is in sight :(

New course trainer set up, PC: Kat :)

Monday I hacked outside, I let Henry get his crazies out first so he was actually really good :)

Took a picture for Nicku lol.. mustache is back, Henry could care less
I rode in draw reigns ... did LOTS of backing up.

Went through the paces and then went for a walk around the property to cool both of us out.

Tuesday was lesson day.

Kat and I tacked up, lunged and got on. Trainer put us through the paces on the flat.

Of course we needed to put some hard stuff in there so trainer had me do lead changes up the center line.. left to right, no problem.. right to left, lord help us. Thankfully it wasn't too much of a battle :) I got my determined panties on and Henry wasn't too much of a hard head ;)

Then Kat jumped and I waited in anticipation to jump the new course lol. But for real I was super excited to jump everything!

Drawing of Kats pic above :)

Once it was my turn i warmed up over the orange X back and forth a few times. Then I cantered the orange X to the vertical to the blue oxer.

Once I got that we did the orange line to the blue oxer, right aroung to the yellow pannel, left to the black line (domino walls to green gate), roll back to the left over the gray (triangle wall thing).

I had to do that a few times to get my crap together lol.

Then we did the black to the yellow bending line, left turn to the black line, left turn up the in and out (oxer, oxer, vertical), right turn roll back to the pink (mustache).

Then we did the in and out then turn left to the pink ('stash).

Henry cared less about pretty much everything. I rode like I had jumped it all a million times- how trainer always reminds me I need to ride everything, I tend to over think new courses and try to do to much not just letting Henry do his job.

Just love my horse!!!

Wednesday was turn out day for Mr spoiled :)

Hubby has a crazy full day Thursday but am hoping to get my second lesson in in the afternoon if possible! And a hack Friday morning.


  1. That face jump is ridiculous! I wonder what my horses would think of it :)

  2. Funny they both had issues with the little triangle wall but apparently didn't care about the stache jump. You guys looked great once trainer convinced you that Henry wouldn't run into ghetto barrier ;)

    1. That's what I experienced too! Pongo HATED those 18" little panels with cute hunt scenes painted on them you guys had, but the 'stache was no big deal. LOL!

    2. Henry didn't care about that wall, I just made the roll back to tight .. That's why he didn't get in trouble. :)

      YES that ghetto rope was not cool lol!!

  3. Glad it was a good lesson, the first couple trips around a new course at home always involve some flailing around before I get my stuff together too :P

  4. that course looks like a lot of fun - i esp like the bending orange / blue line! and that mustache fence is ah-maz-ing! haha

    1. Its a great course!

      Mt trainer is great at having me do lots of different things ... Then nothing is scary st shows :)

  5. That is an intense course! Looks like a lot of fun!


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