Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Year Old Photography

Sunday Henry got a late night lunge...

Monday I was able to squeeze a hack in ... late night but hey I will take it!

There was a lesson going on so I just rode around it.. we have more and more "trainers" with these riders who are interesting to ride with. Henry and I aren't bothered by them but you never know where they going, what they are doing or if the rider or horse is in-charge lol!

Back to my ride. Henry was great! It was still hot so I just got on. Walked around a bunch- then just went through the paces - mixed in some counter canter... it was just a solid hack. The "trainer" that was giving the lesson complimented me on what a nice horse he is and how balanced he is.

We were both pooped by the end :)

Tuesday he got some turn out and I went to a barrel race with the bff.. it was really nice to have some time to go out without the girls and just chill- I needed it since hubby has been working so much.

Wednesday I squeezed another hack in before hubby had to scoot off to work again.... Took B with me and we got a Starbucks treat on our way...

Groomed, tacked up and got on... had the place to myself!

What happens when your 4 year old has your phone and snaps a few pics lol

Walked working on pushing his hip around to warm up... then went to trotting and lots of changing direction and yielding him off my leg.

At the canter I did more leg yielding and also changing direction and holding the counter canter... he did awesome and was listening so well! I didn't make it easy on him either and he stepped right up!

I love you Henry! Thanks for a great ride!

Let him roll in the round pen after he was done... he loved it and got so dirty.

Sweet moment with B and Henry


  1. I think she has a good eye for photography! :)

  2. I love seeing B's perspective! Haha

  3. I use to always get stuck riding with this lady who had zero awareness of what was going on around her. She would run into other riders and then berate them for not watching where they were going!

    1. I hate it when people are rude/inconsiderate to ride with ugh!

  4. Adorable. Love B's photography.


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