Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Course

We made the lesson, woot! And there is a new course since my last lesson, yes it was like 2 weeks since I last had a lesson- hubby's schedule has been cray!

A and I had a lesson together.. she was struggling to make her pony listen so I just kind of did my thing on the flat to warm him up for jumping.

Then we warmed up over the orange X.... and then added in the 4 stride line. Did those 3 back and forth...

The course...

Orange X, right to the 4 stride line, right turn back to the hogs back (green), left to the one stride, left around to the 3 stride to 3 stride line.

Henry was great all things considered after we knocked off the cob webs lol! I have to remember pace ... then it's all good and Henry can do his job! Shocking I know.

But for real he was good... we ended up doing the blue line and black line both directions and together.

LOVE Mr H and Erica calls him! :) I need jumping media!!

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  1. Yay for getting to lesson. Sounds like a good one.


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