Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday I own you!

I squeezed in a hack on Henry... an hour and a half to get to the barn, tack up, ride, clean up and get home. I did it in an hour and 40 min, thankfully hubby still made it to work on time lol!

Lets go Henry

I ran him around quickly to see if he had any crazies, he didn't do I got on...

As I came into the arena I noticed that only 3/4 of the ring was used... what the heck people, why do you circle at one end of the arena?! The open end it NOT that scary- embrace it, go down there, use the whole arena! lol .. I will put some hoof prints in that sand :)

Henry and I got right to work. He was great, actually soft for him!!

I pushed his bootie around at the walk to warm him up, asking for him to really step around with his hind end through the turns.

Then went to the trot and did a bunch of reverse across the diagonal with a longer rein and really letting him stretch and move forward.

Something Rich Fellers said in the clinic that we watched was about asking a horse to move forward off your leg quickly and without you digging into them with your spur or leg. Which is something I have always done when I ride Henry, I want quick immediate forward transition ... sharp reply. He is actually really good about this :)

Did some canter laps each way and then asked him to do transition from trot to canter- he was great and did it with a nice low headset. Yahoo Henry!

I went outside and wandered around to cool him out, said hi to Ramone and Sunny, went down the road and then hopped off and put everything away.

Hopefully I can make the lesson tomorrow!

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  1. Love getting quick responses from Tucker. Wish it was more consistent. Sounds like a good ride!


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