Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sacramento International Meet Up?

Hey local ladies... does anyone want to go to this at the end of the month? Lets plan to meet up if we can! Message me so we can set up what day works best for everyone!

Thursday I had a lesson.. flatted myself while trainer finished up her lesson before mine and Kat.

Warmed up over the purple back and forth... then trainer had to go take the mom of the girls who rode before me up, she was too lazy (her own words) to walk back to the barn ... oye!

Anywho when trainer got back we did a course...

Purple right hand turn to the black X roll back btwn the purple and oxer to the green left around to the red line oxer to wall left around to the green line left and trot the blue left over the maroon oxer to the green in a bending line.

We worked on the green line a bit because coming off my left lead is my weaker approach.

Henry was great, my grandma got to watch me ride and i had fun... all good things!!

Cleaned me tack and Henry.. tucked him in and headed home to eat the delicious corned beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage I had in the crock pot at home for dinner :)


Henry and I love to hear from you guys! Leave us comments!!! :)