Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh this week...

sucks... period.

Hubby has a crazy work schedule leaving me little to no time do ride, now I will throw myself on the floor and have a fit.

Ok I am over it now.

Monday Henry got the Chiropractor and turned out.

It's back to being dark when I leave the barn at night blah

Tuesday I didn't get to the barn till 6:20 ish so no lesson for me.

I tacked up, lunged the wild horse- the weather cooled down and he was CRAY!- then got on as the lesson was ending and coming back up to untack... I went inside to and got to work.

Henry was still high so I just tried to ride him down... his brain works so much better when he is tired lol!

I worked on moving his hind end around, much better to the right after the chiro! Also a little shoulder in and haunches in.

Also really going into the corners on the open end despite him sure there was something out there the first few times. Thankfully he got over that quickly :)

Then just going through the paces and not being heavy (ha thats a joke right?!). Lots of cantering  and good transitions!

Turn out Wednesday, spoiled boy!


  1. I too find myself wanting to throw tantrums when I can't go to the barn... But since my job is the reason I get to have a horse in the first place probably not the wisest decision 😂

    1. Hahaha yeah work = pony .. must be an adult :P

  2. I like how you put that "ride him down". That will be how I think about it from now on.

    1. :) It's like wearing a child out for nap time right? lol

  3. My husband says if I'm really crabby that I'm either hungry or need to go to the barn. So he prompts me to take care of one or both of those things. I am a small child apparently.:P

    Glad your boy is moving better after chiro :)

    1. hahaha that is what my hubby needs to do!!

      oh yes Henry LOVES the chiro and always feels awesome after :)

  4. i hate that it's dark out so early now!!

  5. Hopefully you can get some riding time in soon!

  6. Replies
    1. Right! Our boys get better stuff then we do lol


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