Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturday Night at the Show

A perfect way to spend late Saturday afternoon and evening with my friend and barn buddy Erica....

Watching mini clinics by Rich Fellers and Kristin Harden

Rich Fellers 
Walked around and saw all the shopping and the after party area

Sweet horse at the after party tent

Watched some awesome GP jumping ...

A few comments from the girl behind us..
- The horses not from the US don't jump as well here because they are jet lagged and can't breath in this air0 that is why only the US riders/horses are going clear
- Every rail you hit (not knock down, hit) ads 5 seconds to your time
- These jumps are quite small

I was sitting there thinking WTF?!?! She was serious and "teaching" her boyfriend with these nice facts lol!!

Such a fun night!! Thanks SIHS :)


  1. Any time with Erica is a good time! She's my fave! Glad you guys had a fun night, I'm coming too next year once C is older!

  2. um that commentary is hilarious!! "these jumps are quite small" <-- oh yea? let's see a demo!!

  3. Haha! That's awesome. Sounds like a good time!

  4. I echo what Emma said....if they're "so small," let's see her go stand next to one of those "small jumps"! Better yet, go stand inside one of the giant oxer spreads and see how "small" it is :P

  5. Sounds like fun! Except maybe the commentary from the girl sitting behind you... :P Although that was an amusing read for me!


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