Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Boy Shoes

Thursday I went out to the barn late to ride with Erica and L. I used to ride with them all the time Thursday evenings when I worked my out of the home job.

Tacked up, lunged and got on.

Henry was for the most part good... defiantly feel the difference from the chiro.

I tried a new warm up with him- go through my walk trot canter with not really asking more then for him to do the gate... then going to work asking for everything done in the frame. His transitions are not really the issue it's his staying in the frame from the trot to canter.. once I go a couple strides he settles in but I really want him to stay in the frame from the trot to the canter.

I cantered a lot, asked for lots of transitions and quite once I got a few good ones.

Henry got turned out Friday and Saturday.

Grayson got his first set of shoes Friday! We were trying to keep him barefoot but he was wearing really uneven so hopefully this helps him out :)

Also I took a very laid back conformation shot of him while he was waiting his turn to get his feet done.. its at a bit of an angle but I think he's looking great!! There is some gray peaking through lol


  1. ugh keeping my mare balanced in the transition from trot to canter has been a real struggle too.... also Grayson is adorable!!

  2. That's been my go-to warm-up for awhile... mostly because I am a lazy weekend warrior who finds its easier to do it that way than actually use a lot of leg to get mine going right off the bat... :) Definitely gets themmoving forward with impulsion!

  3. Aw - baby's first shoes!

  4. Grayson's little feet are adorable. He's one handsome guy!

  5. Grayson is looking amazing!


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