Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jumpy Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump

I ended up getting a lesson in on Tuesday, on at 9... M, K and K were there too- yay for lesson buddies!

We flatted inside. Henry was great, I didn't lunge cause well I don't lunge that much anymore unless he's head a few days off. He just hacked around... I got yelled at for my thumbs not being up and keeping my shoulders back- story of my life lol!

Then we went outside and cantered a little bit and jumped...

Warmed up over the purple little vertical.... back and forth.

Course time...

Blue oxer right hand turn to the black X line left to the green line left to the red oxer/vertical line left turn maroon oxer to green vertical bending line left to the blue oxer left (btwn the maroon oxer and green) to the purple vertical right hand turn to the second jump in the green line.

We did some tweaking here and there but overall it was a good lesson woot! I am getting better at not over riding and letting him do his job and being straight :)

Also, Mr G got a new fly get up since his old one got ruined when he got beat up :(

But he looks so handsome!

Also rode one of my bff's reiners who is BROKE ... so light to any aids and SOOOO MUCH FUN!! She is my new fav horse she has lol.

I'll have to get pics/video next time!

Lesson Thursday...


  1. oooh i would LOVE to ride a reiner one day - they seem like such neat horses!

  2. Love the colour of that fly sheet. Did you get to do fun reiner things like slide and spin? I am equally terrified and excited at the idea of trying those things.

    1. Right, it looks so good on him!

      I got to spin... they don't have footing to stop :P

  3. Grayson is so dapper in his spiffy flysheet! :) I heart him

  4. G is the cutest! Glad you had a good jump lesson!

  5. Love the green on him!


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