Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Goals and Desires... Look back on 2011

I have some lofty goals but I am going to try and keep these real so that in a year I can look back and hopefully have achieved most if not all of them :)

1. Master WTC- well balanced, quick responses, put all the pieces together
2. Complete in 4 shows (money permitting- schooling shows)
3. Read a few pages ever night from a horse related book
4. Start jumping
5. Developing his tone and muscle
6. Becoming soft to the left and right- making him as even as possible, I know most horses have a stronger side but I want to do my best to make him well oiled both ways
7. Riding 4 (or more) times a week
8. Better posture on my part- I have NEVER had good posture so this is something that is hard for me but needs working on.
9. Start working some w/o my stirrups
10. Have fun and enjoy my rides

These are all attainable I think so bring on the new year! I just want progress which is inevitable if I keep taking lessons and practicing :)

It is great to look at the pictures of my time with Henry the last 6 ish months... he and I have come along and I look forward to this next year of more progress!

6-13-11 The day he arrived- it was a LONG awaited arrival



12-27-11 (yay for a picture with Lyssette and Carlos :) )
12-27-11 ... this captures how Henry and I feel after our rides- POOPED! But it's good and i love it!
A big thanks to my husband for all his support, hours at the barn and help!

Also to Kat and Andy for taking most of the pictures and documenting our progress- you guys have no idea how much I love that you take pictures and then share them with me!

Bring on 2012 and all the awesome things Henry and I will accomplish!

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