Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Monday night I went up to ride, my trainer had given me a warning that Henry was wild in the turn out earlier in the day so I was ready for a good lunging before I rode... HE WAS WILD! I started out lunging in the indoor because that is where I was going to ride and after a min or two I could tell he was going to burst so I took him out to the big round pen and let him blow off his steam out there.

Hello wild bronc race horse! He probably bucked about 50 times and ran like he was at the Kentucky Derby! He's allowed to do this while I am not on him so I am all for getting it out pre ride.. and as a young horse he's going to have wild days so I was glad he got it out and was able to be a well mannered gentleman for me :)

After a good lunge he was ready for business (I ended up staying and riding in the big round pen cause I was already there and no need to move)- but I only intended to hack around so he would be good for tonight so this was a much bigger ordeal then Henry needed to make it haha! Anywho it was cold and we got our business done - the light hack I had intended to do! :)


We rode out side again tonight .. my favorite! Haha but for real I am ok with it now that I had an attitude adjustment with myself :)

There were three of us out there so lots of room for us all to get our own space but also enough of us to feel like you were riding together and not alone.

Henry was forward tonight. I felt like we were racing around the arena but my trainer never corrected me on it... in the canter she even told me to push him forward SO it must not have been as fast as it felt. We've got to get that nice ground covering canter for our Hunter days!

He was attentive for most of the ride, a few spooks here and there- one "bigger" one where he got in trouble and gave me a good jolt. Lots of looking around but so is life.

Worked on collected sitting trot which is getting better ever time... circling through the scary shadowy jumps (haha)... going past the standards that were knocked over and might eat us... forward working trot... bending in the corners... KARLEY BEND YOUR ELBOWS... keeping him moving forward at a constant pace all the way around the arena at the canter...

That's all I can think of - lots to work on Thursday!

Hopefully Kat and Andy got some good pics :)


  1. Not a ton of pics but some good video of you cantering, he looks like a bay in the pics, lol. You were not going nearly as fast as you thought, your pace looked nice most of the time, Pogo was being slow so maybe you just felt fast in comparison ;)

  2. Great blog! Why not come and post it for more to follow at hay-net.co.uk an Equine Social Blogging Network!


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