Friday, December 23, 2011

It's almost Christmas...

Thursday ... day off- almost. The Chiropractor called and said he would be in town in about 45 min and was wondering if I could meet him then to look at Henry. I immediately said yes! I have been wanting to get him adjusted since I got him and one thing or another has gotten in the way so finally it was time. Dr repeatedly complimented how nice Henry was- manners (haha good thing he didn't try to give love bites), the way he is built, how clean his legs are, how well filled out he is and how chill his temperament is. Needless to say we got an A+ :) So Dr adjusted him and said that he was really tight to the right- MAYBE that is why we were having a hard time with the left lead and bending to the right to get the lead. Anywho he said to take is easy on him today and then tomorrow (Saturday) I can go back to normal work.

Friday my mom so graciously said she would watch Bayley while I rode- since she was up at 6:20 am I thought she would probably nap the whole time while I rode, but in true Bayley fashion she only took a short nap. My mom was still a trooper and watched her while I rode. BTW I picked up two saddles to try out and today I rode in the Frank Banes... I liked it- obviously nicer then anything I have owned in the past. I need to ride in it a few more times to make my choice.
Back to our ride... I tacked him up and then headed down to the arena. I lunged him in some side reigns as the Dr said that he is weak in his hind end and need to engage that more. I didn't have them tight at all but it enabled him to go nice and low but still remember that he has to be in some sort of a frame. He actually naturally goes really nice when he is relaxed and engaged. After a quick lunge I got on and planned to just hack around cause Bay was awake and I am sure my mom didn't want to be at the barn all day. The quick hack turned into a mini lesson by one of my trainers friends who is a dressage rider and has her horse up at the barn too. I was thankful for her constructive criticism. But back to the ride- we got our canter to the left on the second try! The first time I could tell he wasn't listening to my leg so I gave him a little pop with the crop as per instructed by my trainer and then asked again and he picked it right up. He was much more supple to the right outside bend but some time will tell if it's the Chiro or me or better yet- BOTH :)
Cooled him out, gave him yummies and put a sheet on him and headed off with my mom abd Bay to take on the rest of the day.

Hoping to ride tomorrow morning and then take Sunday off and get back on track next week ... The plan is to ride Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings :)

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