Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Ride to Date ...

Yes the title says it all. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride tonight. Henry and I were meshing and it was wonderful.

I lunged him despite him being unusually chill while I tacked him up and he lit up like a rocket on the line... so it was a good thing I lunged :) Then I got on him and we went to work. At the beginning he was a bit distracted and heavy so stopping and backing up was our MO. Once I wasn't holding his head up for him and had his attention, I worked on bending him to the left, a slow, collected and pulled together sitting trot, forward working trot and llloooonnnngggg and looooowwwww relaxed trot with a constant pace. He was being so good so we walked for a bit and then cantered both directions. He got BOTH his leads (no counter cantering or cross firing- woot!) and he was actually really balanced. He got heavier to the left then the right but that is expected. Simple half halts corrected this and he listed like an old pro :)

I was very proud of him and am excited to ride tomorrow night!

Here are some pictures from Tuesday night .. yes the dark makes it hard for poor Andy to take pictures but I LOVE getting to see them even if he doesn't think they are good- I do!

My face says it all- I was pooped.

Open right rein and inside leg- GET OVER HENRY! Ha

Love this picture :)

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  1. Henry is learning, you will start having more and more good days as you both get more confident in each other :)


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