Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So it's getting dark so early these days- I know I complain about this every time. Well to add to it, it's really really cold!

Last night I bundled myself up (shirt, fleece and Carhart jacket- and I never took any of the layers off while riding which shows you that it was COLD) and heading to the barn after a long day (Bayley is sick so I worked at home with her, the dogs were crazy and kept me on my toes and I had lots of work to do). I arrived to the wonderful news that we would be riding outside under the lights- joy! Sometimes I feel that I am never going to make progress with Henry's training and my riding because there is always something different or not normal riding condition- BUT then I remind myself that this is part of his training. All of these situations are adding to his skills and abilities. (and mine too haha!)

Anywho he was really good all things considered. Getting softer in general and more supple to the left- he bends great to the right but the left we are more stiff.

Last night I kept chuckling that he was avoiding the shadows at the beginning- like they were horse eating holes.

Anywho good horse = happy Karley when we were done, which I needed because like I said the day was a killer.

I still can't pick a show name .. my list to date is: Raise the Roof, Prince Henry, Formal Attire and I like Moves Like Jagger but I think that one was axed ...

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