Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd

I am sore!

Because of the GM clinic there wasn't a lessons on Tuesday night so we rode last night. I got on before the other two and so I got a bit of a private lesson for a little while. It was windy as all heck so we were dealing with spooks left and right but so is life (I was getting frustrated 30/40 min into the ride when he was spooking cause we had heard all the noises and seen all the scary corners).

I am sore today. I was really trying to "pull it all together" last night during my ride. I know my strength isn't where it should be but I really was pushing and when I felt exhausted and couldn't do any more- I pushed more. I got to a point where I wasn't able to do anymore though so that was the end of our ride, I could feel my leg was shot and I was just getting sloppy. I rode for a bit over an hour and felt accomplished at the end.

We worked a lot on going straight... I tend to bend him to the right to much and not enough to the left.

We also worked on pushing him into the bridle- he has a natural frame but when the world is blowing away around us his head is elevated like a giraffe.

Lastly I worked on circles, reverses and serpentine's to keep his attention and also work on bending the right way and keeping straight and not bending the whole time.

Of course we worked on keeping him working in the trot, not to fast in the sitting trot and relaxed in the walk.

On a side note, I am on the hunt for a saddle and trying to sell my Pessoa ... any buyers? :)

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