Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch Up

Oops ... I've missed a few days.

Saturday was Sean's b-day and it was anything but relaxing haha! It was windy as all heck so I opted out of riding- turned out and set up for the barn party instead. The barn party started at 2:00 pm and was a success but quite a bit of work (Lyssette and I retired after hosting haha!). After that we headed out to celebrate Sean's birthday with 21 friends at dinner... needless to say it was a long long day!

Last night (Monday) I intended to ride but it was FREEEZING so I let him run around the big ol round pen. He didn't do much but he got out to stretch his legs and that made me feel better. Then we tucked him back in his warm blankie and gave him some yummy grain- kissed him and headed home.

Today I am working at home with Bayley cause she is sick :( Hopefully she will feel well enough to let mommy ride tonight...

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