Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28th+29th

Wednesday morning Bayley and I went and turned Henry out and watch the others ride. Then after Sean got off work in the evening we went up to put on his blanket and I decided to lunge him. I wanted to work him just a little since I would be riding Thursday morning and wanted to get the most out of my ride. I also wanted him to get to stretch out and move- yes he had been turned out for a few hours in the morning BUT he doesn't normally do anything in turnout but eat anything he can find.... HA! So yes a quick lunge and including asking him to gallop a little so that he would stretch out and then cooled him out and tucked him in. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE that we have a BIG round pen to lunge in?!?! It's awesome because you can work the horses, still have their attention and not have to use a line :)

Thursday like planned I headed up to the barn (once the babysitter came) and rode. There was a little excitement while I was lunging- Henry yanked the line out of my hands and he took a run around the other horses and then went straight to his stall. Nice of him to make it easy to catch him :) Anywho I got him, went back to lunging and then got on. He was good despite the crazy start. Things were going great till we went to canter to the left- it was another sticky day but we got it. I think the next day that I hack, I am going to try going right first to see if that makes any different- not that in a show I can pick but just to mix it up and see if I can build his confidence, preparation or who knows what to get that left lead on the first try. Anywho Saturday Sean doesn't work so I will be back at it them. Maybe I'll ride tomorrow when Sean gets off work but we shall see what he wants to do- despite my life revolving around riding his doesn't, well sometimes it doesn't :)

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