Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

I started out the morning by sleeping in till 9 (thank you Bayley for sleeping in!) and then headed up to the barn to ride. Henry was good. They took all the jumps out of the big arena so it felt really really big!!! I worked him pretty good and since there weren't any jumps I worked on straight lines off the rail which is much harder then it seems in an arena that is 200x325. We got it though :) He was pooped as was I... cleaned him up and let him eat some of the little grass I could find ha!

Henry wishes everyone a happy 4th of July

We went to a bbq and had a great 4th of July. We are so thankful for everyone who has, is and will sacrifice for our country!

Lesson Thursday, hack Friday, trainer ride Saturday.


  1. Bayley is adorable!!! And that is a huge ring! You could split that into two big rings, its so large lol.

    1. yes biggest ring EVER! Normally we just use half and he's awesome but the whole thing, without using the rail posed us a challenge- luckily that we overcame :)

      Thanks I think she's pretty cute too! haha

  2. I love that pic of you guys! I can't wait until next year, we will have to BBQ together so Liam and Bayley can play!

  3. Love the pictures! Cute baby and her pretty mom :) Hapy 4th!


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