Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday... Tuesday ...

I rode Henry last night and he was super good. There were two other horses in the arena who were crazy. Made me appreciate Henry so much! He took everything in stride, was soft, responsive and worked well. At one point a bird flew into the mirrors right as we went by and spooked Henry a little- I got a good laugh.

Best seat in the house :)

Today Henry had a trainer ride and I was able to get out and watch. He was really good and jumped well too. Had one "encounter" with the black and yellow jump- took the whole thing out, didn't quite jump enough. The next time around he was more attentive. I am excited to ride/lesson Thursday and jump him :)

I am not sure about tomorrow, lesson Thursday, hack Friday, lesson Saturday.


  1. Cute pictures! Have fun jumping (my favorite activity)! :-)

  2. Love the pictures as always.

  3. Thanks :) I am starting to like jumping too lol


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