Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am way behind!!! It was a crazy week at work last week and I got sick... my wonderful daughter brought it home from daycare :)

Wednesday I got Henry out and let him do his thing.

Thursday he had a trainer hack and then I had a lesson. He was really good and we even got to do a little course a couple times.. and they weren't all just little X's :) In the trainer ride he had a little incident with a wall jump cause of a long spot and cut his right hind a little, I tended to it and cleaned it after our ride.

Friday I was sick, no bueno!

Saturday hubby worked so he got a trainer ride and I heard he was good and high ha!

Today I turned him out for about an hour and then cold hosed his leg. It's a little swollen but not too bad. I put some bag balm on it too ... hopefully he will be all good tomorrow.

Hack Monday, Trainer ride/Lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, trainer ride Thursday, hack Friday, Lesson Saturday.


  1. Glad you're feeling better - hopefully Henry cut heals quickly!

  2. Sending healing thoughts towards Henry!!!

  3. Thanks! He isn't off just a bit swollen so hopefully tomorrow he will be back to normal- though I am sure the 98 Deg weather isn't helping!!! :)

  4. Atleast he isn't off. I am sure the cut will heal in no time with super mom looking after him :) Hope you're feeling better.

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