Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh Hey!

Henry you were so good last night and FUN to ride :) I love saying that and am so thankful that there are more rides like that then ones where I am scared to death! I would say most of my rides these days are great, not meaning that we are perfect but I don't feel scared or like I am going to die... yes I get some moments where my nerves come but nothing I can't push through.

Juliana did a little hack/jumping on Henry and then I had a lesson... we flatted, he was soft and mostly listening :) We jumped, I was nervous but did it- the first two time through I froze, not good. After that I got my head in the game and it went better, even got lead changes :) Good boy Henry, Good girl Karley haha!

Hack tonight, trainer ride tomorrow.


  1. Yay for good rides!! Your becoming more and more of a team! I'm going through the same thing with Libs, so I know how it feels. Awesome!


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