Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why yes I will thanks!

I went out Monday night to hack... no one was around so I booted Henry up and turned him out in the really big round pen to hangout. I tidied up a few things and then went out to lunge him... he had rolled, awesome more for me to clean up ha! He was wild, it was super windy and I was glad he was getting out :)

Start of a buck/run/wild stallion action
I brought him in to clean him up and spend some time with him (no one was around so I was hoping someone would show up so I could ride)... in walks my trainer and her daughter and she tells me I should get on, another lady is coming to ride... why yes I will, thanks for offering :) I got on and had a good ride. We worked on the norm- straight, good flexsion and frame, composed canter departures, an engaged walk, lifting my hands and really pushing him into the bridle at a forward trot. I also got to do a little jumping- an X and little oxer.. of course that meant we worked on lead changes too and for the most part they were great, much better over all then Saturday- though Saturdays were almost all good :)

Today was a trainer ride and they said he was good- one of the better jumping days he's had. I went up after work and fed/loved on him.

I think he will get tomorrow off since he had a hard ride Monday and Tuesday... trainer ride/lesson Thursday, hack Friday, trainer ride Saturday.

Such a cute boy!


  1. That's great! I'm so glad that you are making such progress with Henry!

    1. me too... hopefully we are on the up and up :)

  2. Henry is a cutie now, I swear he used to look so much more.. .serious? IDK how to explain it, he just seems friendlier now.

    One day I have to have you show me how you budget a horse into your life, no offense to Buster, but I want horse of my own lol

    1. I think he knows his job now and is totally game to work/partner with me (most of the time lol) :)


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