Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double Days

Trainer ride this am went well... they said they jumped him big and he was really good. Even jumped a fan and apparently jumped WAY over it haha.

Lesson tonight- For some reason it was hard... I think it's b/c I shortened my stirrups a whole (and they are a tad to short now, need a half whole punched) and it put my off my mojo. Anywho on with the mission :) I felt like we were mushing well tonight, not much critique from my trainer other then keeping him straight. We jumped a little X back and forth back and forth back and forth... also worked on lead changed after the jump. I feel like I got a good workout ha!

Off tomorrow, trainer ride Thursday, hack Friday, lesson Saturday.

My fav camera man (and his awesome wifey) was at our lesson tonight so hopefully we will have some pictures soon! :)

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