Thursday, July 12, 2012

the other 1/2 of Thursday

Had a lesson tonight. Man I worked hard.

We started out in the indoor arena and worked on forward forward forward. We also worked on going down the center line, straight... at the trot and canter. Man does he like to bulge! And man is he heavy on the left side.

We also had a lesson in make Henry listen due to a saddle pad falling off the rail and unbeknown to me- it was the scariest thing ever! We worked through it and I even got some "good Karley" 's out of my trainer :)

Then we moved onto the jumping in the big lower arena. Now by this time Henry and I were POOPED.

We pushed forward to jumping. He was drifting WAY right at everything and I couldn't relinquish my right rein completely despite being told to... because when I did he drifted WAY left. So we have some working out to do. I am only jumping him maybe once a week so I really don't think I am going to take ownership of that habit since someone else is jumping him 2-3 days a week. I can't wait to take more lessons and jump more, I'd like to really shape/make this horse for me and not have him made by others. Other then that the jumping was good, we worked on a few jumps in the arena and lead changes were really good.

I might ride tomorrow, not sure yet... lesson on Saturday.


  1. So when do you anticipate being able to lesson more and jump more? I'm really weird about people riding my horse, so, unfortunately, all of his problems are my problems. :)

    1. Well he is in 1/2 training right now... I am hoping this fall I can take more lessons in place of some of the training rides :)

  2. Silly babies. And I totally understand about the wanting to shape him to you. Libby is at the point where shes testing me, and its allowing me to really train her to what I want. Sounds confusing, but it makes sense lol

    1. totally! I want him to be custom to ME! lol


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