Monday, July 23, 2012

HIGH Horse

Got Henry, DRUG him up to the barn- thought to myself how wonderful this ride was going to be with a nice lazy horse, tacked up, went to lunge and BOOM came the wild horse... there went my nice calm ride :) Lunged him and he wasn't really wearing out so I got on...

Rode inside and was alone... trotted a bit and he was high so we cantered and worked on staying way off the wall and going straight- which is a feat since Henry likes to use to wall- use my outside leg and both hands to keep him straight. Also worked on him really listening to me and turning at random spots to make sure he wasn't going on auto pilot around on the rail. I also worked on him moving off my leg and also turning with using my leg and less rein.

He was drenched in sweat when we were done and I still felt like I had another hours worth of horse to ride left- seriously he is SO fit!

I cooled him out, untacked, hosed him off, washed his legs, prettied up his main and tail, got his extra hay and headed down to put him away... as always I cleaned all the poop out of his stall, checked his water, gave him kissed and headed back to the barn- grabbed my poweraid and went down to watch Lyssette ride the pony.

After that I came back up and cleaned my tack, put everything away, chatted a bit and headed home.

Trainer ride/lesson tomorrow, off Wednesday, trainer ride Thursday, hack Friday and lesson Sunday.

Next week Bayley and I are off to visit family in MO so bear with me as I won't be blogging. Henry will get ridden Tues and Thur, hubby will turn him out Mon and Wed and I will be back to ride Fri.

PS... my wonderful paparazzi is back tomorrow night, yay for pictures!!! And a bigger yay for Kat coming back to ride!!!

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