Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey Vacation!!!

Friday I hacked Henry after work and he was a bit finicky... not really bad but not really fun to ride. Maybe it was cause I didn't really lunge him- who knows. I worked him (and me) pretty hard: engaged walk, staying in the frame through our transitions (this really pissed him off), crisp transitions, straight lines off the rail, listening to my leg through turns (less hand and more leg)... then lots of walking to cool us out :)

Saturday I had a lesson... He was really good and responsive. We started out inside doing flat and then went down below to jump. Through our work inside I was reminded about keeping his straight both other then that my trainer said good things. Then we went below to the big arena to jump... started with an X with everyone- back and forth back and forth. A few times we had some lead change issues but over all it was good. We moved onto a little vertical/X thing and that went well other then getting in a little deep a few times. Then Laura, Lysstte and I moved onto a vertical- I was either hit or miss- good distance or and oh shit one and I would get him in a little too deep, nothing that was really bad but not good. I am still struggling to understand when I see a distance that isn't going to be good, what to do because I thought getting a little deep is better then taking off way long... Lead changes were pretty good. Then Juliana got on him and did some bigger stuff and he was good. I am really loving this horse!!!

Oh and I measured the last vertical that we did and it was 2'9".. I was proud that we jumped it, didn't feel nervous and was confident.

Bayley and I leave tomorrow and come back Thursday night. I scheduled a lesson for Friday morning since I am gone all week and my trainer is gone the 4th-12th.

Pretty sure we going to a horse show at the end of August as well :)

PS I LOVE the Olympics!!! I NEED one of these!!


  1. 2'9" woohoo! That's plenty high to me. I will miss you on Tuesday, have fun on your trip!

    1. I know, 3 ft doesn't seem so out of the question now LOL!! But 2'9" is good enough for now and i've got to master lead changes so we can so a well composed course :)

      Thanks- wish me luck with Bayley on the flights!

  2. Hope you have a great trip!!!


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