Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did I miss the weekend?!

"To get profit without risk, experience without danger, reward without hard work; is as impossible as it is to live without being born." Harry Truman. 

^gotta remind myself of this, my hard work and daily dedication has and will pay off. 

I think in the matter of a blink, the weekend was gone!

BFF graduated :)

Saturday I had a lesson with the gang :)

Tacked up, lunged Henry, got on and hacked around all before my trainer came down to the arena. I was pooped before the lesson even started ha!

We flatted around as a group and then she let Juliana and I jump.

Warmed up over the gate back and forth...

The first course was the gate off the right lead, around to the rainbow oxer, straight and roll back to the right over the domino oxer, left lead around to the 2 stride.

Second course was 2 stride (oxer to vertical), right turn to the dominos oxer, left turn to the rainbow, left roll back to the gate.

We did each course twice and then did the domino over and over to get straight- I felt straight but apparently wasn't lol!


I went out to hack, no one was around. As I was tacking up Clare showed up- woo hoo! And another girl with the eventing trainer showed up. Got Henry all dressed and lunged him. I was talking to the girl, she is home for the summer. I thought maybe she was a new boarder since I hadn't seen the horse that she was riding but it's a new one that the eventing trainer got- he's gray and cute :)

The horses were all up because the wind was crazy.

I worked on making Henry march around the WHOLE arena during my whole ride.

We went through our paces and then I did some no stirrup work, 3 laps each direction and then my legs were SHOT. Seriously I need to do more of it... I am promising to do some at least once a week, I have to!

Cooled out and chatted with Clare... untacked, hosed off, iced, took him back to his stall, grained, filled waters and went home.

Henry begging Clare for more carrots

BFF's eating their grain

Lesson tonight, turn out tomorrow, maybe lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. No stirrup work... yeah I need to do that too. My weekend flew by as well!

    1. I need to do it too, yet constantly don't ha!

  2. Henry is seriously the handsomest. He is such a hunky boy.

  3. I love your new banner. Such a handsome photo of a handsome family!

  4. Henry is so stinking cute, I'm glad everything is going well :)!

  5. Great family photo! Bailey is the cutest!!!! Love that kiddo!

  6. Glad you had some nice rides! And great banner!

  7. Left you a blog award on my blog! And I love the new header!!!!

  8. Henry is looking great - what a handsome dude!
    Keep up the great work - your hard work is already paying off, look at how far you3ve come since you started keeping the blog!
    Onwards and upwards for you two - there'll be no stopping you! :D

    1. Aw thank you! Glad to know someone notices the hard work lol!

  9. Ha, it was way too many questions to answer... @_@.

    And I've said this before but... so jealous you get to have so many lessons! one day....! But I'm glad you do. :) And I love your ice boot option, I'm definitely going to try that.

    (And wind and storms make my boy crazy too...sooo annoying. I'm like, it's just raining, chill out...haha).

    1. One day Henry (and I) will be polished and just need tune up lessons.. actually he's been so good lately but I still like the picking on by my trainer :)

  10. I nominated you for this too! http://kisforkiki.blogspot.com/2013/06/leibster-award.html


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