Friday, June 14, 2013

Thursday.. Friday... SASSY!

Henry had been full of sass!

Thursday I was alone for my hack, Erica was leaving as I was getting on. I decided not to lunge and just hope on- HA! Ended up getting off and letting him blow off some steam ;)

Got back on and went to work. I've decided Henry hates being ridden alone in the arena.

Hacked around a bit and then we worked on canter, halt, backup, canter, halt, canter, halt, back up, canter the other way, halt, canter the other way....

Goal was to really get him first soft and second listening to me. It worked!

We were both pooped by the end.. cooled him out.

Bathed and cleaned the man parts.

Friday was a trainer ride.

More sass from Henry. Wondering if it's the new bit they are riding in- but my trainer knows her stuff so yeah.

He jumped well. It's funny cause I am weaker typically off the left side and J is weaker off the right side. Maybe Henry will be equal b/c of our special eyes?

The arena as I left the barn
Lesson tomorrow for me, hope we are both on our A game!


  1. Lol sassy pants. Maybe he just missed his buddy Magic ;) Henry will get stronger because both you and J ride him, it keeps him from getting a bad habit because you are both different riders.

    1. Haha hopefully he will be well rounded :)

  2. Oh well. At least sassy keeps you busy! Who wants a well-behaved, calm pony anyway? :P

  3. Got to love the sass! Or not. :)

    The backing up exercise is my trainer's new favorite exercise for Dandy and I. It's not my favorite as I'm still afraid he'll go up someday but I do admit that it gets him listening.

    1. Yeah we are prob at backing up- some days I think we go backwards as much as forward lol, not really but you know what i mean :)

  4. Oh so much sass! Doesn't Henry know its too hot to be sassy???

    1. Right!!! Can Libby have a talk with him? :)


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