Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boots and Half Chaps

Hack day with Kat!

We got the boys, tacked up and as we were getting ready to hit the arena- bam, Frosty started his remodeling!


I lunged, Henry was a PILL.

Once I got on we went right to the canter. Felt as though I needed to be assertive and remind him that I wasn't a push over. It took us a minute to get on the same page, but we got there.

Lots of cantering, circling in random spots, going all the way around the arena, stopping, backing ...

After we were done, Kat and I went for a walk to cool out the boy. Henry was foaming ha!

Hosed him off, iced his leg, cleaned tack, made his delish extra dinner (grain), put on his fly stuff and took him home.

Lesson tonight, off Wednesday, hack/lesson (?) Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. Our trunks are kept in the tack rooms, which may be a good thing with horses like Frosty :)

    1. Yeah mine is in the tackroom cause I don't have a horse inside but our isle is lined with them :)

  2. Yay for overcoming initial pill-ness when lunging and getting in a good session.
    Love the photos, H actually looks zen-like in his... complete with "no biggie" floppy ears ;-)

    1. Yeah he was pooped after our ride and then we went on a little walk around the property so he was nice and chill :)


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