Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy...

Yep that would be my ring tone that I heard going off as I put Henry in the cross ties after our ride.

Backing up...

Got to the barn, Kat and I went down to get the boys.

Tacked up while they were watering and dragging the indoor ring, got on and got to work. It ended up being Kat on Magic, Juliana on Louie, Rachel on Shelby and me on Henry.

Flatted around, w/t/c, no stirrups a little, walk canter departures, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, transitions from canter to trot, halting and backing.

Henry was a good boy, normally he is so crabby Mondays- guess he likes having lots of friends around riding with us!

Cooled out and got off.

Heard my phone ringing so I went to check it- missed the call. Basically my friend forgot to pick up B- I called my bff and she ran over and got B... I threw my tack away, hosed Henry really fast, took him to his stall, gave his grain and kisses and flew off to get B. That's the first time that that happened and it stressed me out!

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday and my bff's college graduation!


  1. Yikes. Good thing your friend was able to get her.

    1. Yeah I was not happy about the situation! So grateful that my bff lives close!

  2. Yikes, that is my worst nightmare. Glad it all worked out...bet B didn't know the difference :)

    1. Yeah she probably had no idea lol! I told daycare that they need to call me sooner then right before they close... she is NEVER there past 4:30/4:45 so if she is still there at 5/5:30 someone needs to call me, not wait till almost 6.

  3. Yikes, glad you had your BFF around to pick up B.


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