Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catch up

Sorry I have been MIA... like my last post said- I've been sick.

Quick recap... Friday Henry got turned out- he was supposed to get his second trainer ride but things came up and he didn't fit in the schedule. Saturday hubby worked so Henry got a few hours out in turn out. Sunday was a busy day for us and is Henry's "day off" so he wasn't fussed over, no work but did get his blanket off to enjoy some sun :) Monday was another trainer ride- I went and watched on my lunch and learned. I like watching because it teaches me things, validates that what I am doing is right and gives me things to work on and try in my none lesson rides. After work hubby, Bayley and I went up to Henry groomed him, grained and blanketed him.

Bayleys birthday is this weekend so we are super busy with that- so grateful for trainer rides this week especially!

A few weeks ago the vet came out and did the spring vacs and I had him clean Henry's boy party. I wanted to see how he would react and start with a clean slate going forward- he was really good so now it's my turn to keep up on this.. man I miss having a mare when it comes to leaning those parts!

Here is a glimps into my lessons Tuesday- Yes I am wearing my "shoulders back" to help with my posture :)

Guess the shoulder back isn't working haha!

Lessons tonight, trainer ride Wed, Thur ride, Friday trainer ride and Sat lesson- AND my family will be in town so hoping some of them will come watch. I know my grandma will come cause she really is my #1 fan when it comes to riding- she always has been and it means SO much to me :)


  1. Ah thanks! I do groom him often (ok maybe every day haha) but I think it has to do with the supplements he gets and his natural coat :)


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