Thursday, February 16, 2012

Come one come all

I am just loving my horse tonight! There were roughly 8 people in the arena tonight at once- this was including a lesson and Henry took it all in stride! What a good boy! The eventers were the lessoners and Henry was NOT sure what their jumps were- made me laugh. We worked through that aka I rode him past, around and through them all telling him to get over it they are just jumps.

My goal tonight was to work on transitions. He was so soft in the mouth and listened so well despite everything that was going on. He was halting when i asked and staying in his frame, staying in his frame at the trot most of the time, staying together when we cantered and not just going around strung out, staying together going from a canter to a trot and all around just fun to ride. No spooking which I always love!

I was hoping to ride for a longer ride tonight cause Sean stayed home with Bayley so I could take my time but with all that was going on, how well he was being (which I was thankful for) and he did all that I asked I quit while I was ahead and cooled him out. This getting ridden 5-6 days a week has made for a wonderful brained and fun horse to ride haha!

Trainer ride tomorrow :)


  1. Whew! That is a lot of activity in the ring. Glad he took it all in stride and you were able to get some nice transitions out of him.

    1. Yeah our covered arena isn't super small but it def isn't big and that many peeps along with a lesson made for some good practice for the warm up ring at shows! :)


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