Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am pooped- as is Henry I am sure

Friday ended up being a day off for Henry... Juliana nicely turned him out for me since I was at work.

Saturday had a lesson on Henry on the flat and then jumped Louie. I was nervous a little today- not to jump but because there were so many people watching haha! Today Henry was much softer but he was also felt like a Giraffe at times. Anywho it was an ok ride both on the flat and jumping.. nothing like some of my rides this last week but thats ok- I can't expect awesome every time :)

I saw this over at Poor Woman Showing (Carly's blog). It's really cool and I checked out what Henry is...

Dog-Horses are straightforward, faithful and courageous. They are often dexterous and will be stubbornly loyal to the right person or horse. Some Dog-Horse weaknesses include being  irritable or plagued by unwarranted anxiety. Ulcer meds will be a Dog-Horse’s best friend!
Lucky colours: green, red and purple. Avoid: blue, white and gold.

Interesting to read as he totally is like a dog! I am not sure he is all courageous yet but maybe that will come with time? Other then that I can see it all... not sure about the Ulcer meds though.

Also it says that Henry and I "will have our ups and downs"... hopefully all our downs are used up and we just have ups now haha!!!

Day off tomorrow and then back to the grind Monday :)

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