Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Third day in a row...

Yes you read that right, this was my 3rd day in a row of riding, tomorrow will be the fourth :) Then a break Friday (for me- Henry will still have his normal scheduled trainer ride) and back in the saddle Saturday for a lesson.

So last night (Tuesday) we had a flat lesson. They were changing the lights with the tractor in the arena- so that was an awesome way to start the lesson- not! But I did it, rode through it and didn't die :) We worked a lot on frame frame frame. I rode for a long time last night and it felt good- you know that feeling of working hard and satisfaction. Ahhhhh! Anywho good hard flat ride- we were both pooped at the end of it. Kat and Andy came and took pictures so hopefully I will have some pictures in the near future :)

Today I took a private flat lesson on Henry- worked HARD again and it was 76 deg here today so I was burning up but loving the warmth. We worked on frame again and really keeping him there through every transition. Again it was hard work but all worth it. Then Juliana and I switched horses and I got to jump Louie again and she jumped Henry. Louie is just an awesome horse to ride and jump. He gives me great confidence and enables me to ride well which is awesome. My trainer said some great things to me today about my riding and jumping which really felt good. She suggested that I maybe show Louie some which would be great experience for me.

After our ride I gave Henry a much needed bath.. he smelt SO NICE after I was done. Then we went for a walk and he ate some grass...

Hack tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday. :)


  1. I wish it was in the 70s here. It was 50 tho. Glad you didn't die riding while the lights got worked on. I look forward to reading about you showing if you do.

    1. it was SO nice!!! I wish it was 75 every day! haha! :)

      Yes we will be showing in due time and ill be sure to blog and take lots o pics!

  2. This weather rocks, you should have pics soon :) And Irene gave a compliment about your jumping on Louie on Tues, just gotta keep at it with Henry, he really is coming along when yo can sit on the side and watch


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