Monday, February 20, 2012

Lesson + Jumping

Today= no work!

So we all gathered at the barn and had a group lesson at 10 am. It was nice :)

Henry was um interesting. He was strong and didn't feel like he wanted to work. Mondays are always hard days for him- it's like he thinks the weekend should be one day longer (Sundays are his day off). I feel that same way but being human I guess I know I have to push forward- he doesn't agree. Anywho I hacked him around on the flat. He was strong, spookie and just not to much fun! Haha! I don't expect perfection every ride so it's all good- ill take the good with the bad. It is good for me to work through it.

Then Juliana and I traded horses :) I got to ride/jump Louie and she jumped Henry. At first I was nervous to jump but after a fence or two I got my groove back and figured out how Louie feels/works. He is a really really nice horse and I look forward to jumping him more and getting myself back in the jumping grove- I am spoiled to get to ride such a nice horse!

Lastly Henry got a "hair cut" from Auntie Lyssette (my Christmas present woot).. aka his mane pulled. Look how cute he looks!

Lesson for me tomorrow.. trainer ride Wednesday.. hack Thursday.. trainer ride Friday.. lesson Saturday.


  1. I love riding other horses. It is so much fun to figure out how they work. Good luck with your busy week, hope Henry gives you some great rides.

    1. Yes getting to ride fancy horses is fun! :) Yeah Henry and I live busy lives BUT it's good for him and will bring his training along quicker if we keep the boot camp up :)


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