Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something about a great ...

hack that makes all the stress of the week melt away!

Tacked up and headed to the round pen... this is day 4 of 6 in a row that Henry is going to get ridden so I didn't expect much out of him in the round pen...

To the left

To the right

This is how he was nicely going around and then BAM a horse came around the corner in the dark and he went a running and bucking. I waited for him to finish and then got him and got on.

He was really good. My goal tonight was to trot trot trot, work on soft hands (which leads to a long low head and stretching out in the trot for Henry) and bending in the corners/straight on the long side (around my inside leg and especially to the left). I felt like I had an awesome ride and the things I wanted to work on went well. I really think that this full training thing is REALLY helping.

I am SO excited to see where we will be in 6 months to a year!

Here are some pictures to enjoy :)

Hi Mom, can I eat that?!

He's tired ...

You lookin at me?!

Trainer ride tomorrow and then lesson for me Saturday :)


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