Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Henry loves Mondays .. NOT

Henry is always grouchy on Monday... well grouchy for him which isn't that bad. Sunday is his day off and come Monday he doesn't get why he can't have Monday off too- well busy we have to keep plugging forward with training, sorry.

My trainer went and looked at a horse for another lady at the barn and so they didn't do the trainer ride till like 5 pm last night. I picked up Bayley and headed out to the barn - we watched Henry being ridden (and Sean came and got Bayley). They hacked around and then did a little jumping over an X and then a vertical (we were inside so not much to chose from in the way of jumps). He is getting softer in the mouth which is awesome!

Tonight (Tuesday) I have a lesson. Wednesday is a trainer ride. Thursday hack. Friday off. Saturday I am hoping he can be ridden as Sean works so I can't ride him.


  1. the joys of balancing a family of humans and animals lol :p

  2. Hi from Italy =)
    I'm a show jumping lady rider
    really nice blog! love your blog's title

    keep in touch


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