Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 14th and 15th

Tuesday I thought about riding but that is about as far as I got... well not really, I did tack him up and take him out to the round pen and lunged him. It was so cold and I was hungry so my motivation went down hill FAST! Being that it was Valentines day I took the excuse (plus being cold and hungry)- took off Henry's tack and just let him play in the round pen.

Helping my lunge himself ha!

Look how nice and filled out he is :)
Wednesday was a trainer ride. I made it up in time to see him being ridden. My trainer got on him and did a bunch of bending, softening and messing around on him- love seeing the master at work! Then the working student (who is a great rider) got on and jumped him. He was a good boy and I even remembered to take video of the last jump- oops, next time ill try to take more. But here is a little glimpse of him jumping and no this isn't me riding- oh how I wish it was tho! haha!

Henry over the little oxer

Tomorrow a lesson for me, Friday trainer ride and Saturday turn out and relaxing for Henry.


  1. Awe he is so helpful. I really like the way he looks. Good luck with your lesson.

  2. awesome, I woulda loved to see Irene make Henry work, he probably was like oh crap that lady that yells is getting on me!

    1. haha .. he was actually really good for her :)


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