Friday, February 24, 2012

Fourth day in a row baby!!!

Wednesday (last night) my motivation was not there. My two normal riding buddies weren't riding (one just didn't ride and the others pony is off) so I was less then driven to say the least. ha! Last week it was grand central station on Thursday night and this week I tag teamed with another lady from my barn and was riding solo. Lyssette was hand walking Carlos which was nice to have some company :)

I tacked up and ran Henry around for a min and then hopped on. I didn't have a big game plan- mostly practicing our transitions from a halt, walk and trot and staying in a frame. Master the foundation and get that good. It took some work but eventually we got it. He was being such a good boy and so much fun to ride! I hope that what I did shows in his trainer ride on Friday (today).

Love this pony!

Trainer ride Friday(today) and lesson Saturday.


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