Thursday, May 28, 2015

Back to Back

Hubby works a long weekend this weekend but I was able to get three great rides in this week!

Our courses for Monday and Tuesday

Monday there was another group lesson since it was a holiday and I was able to partake! :)

Flatted with everyone, including some no stirrup work blah!

We warmed up over the orange.

I *think* the course we did was orange down, right turn to the blue line, left turn to the green, left turn to the in and out, left turn to the red oxer then single line.

Of course we had to break it down a little and fix the issues... nothing major just my steering :)

Thanks Nicku!! Pic of the oxer in the in and out- don't mind me elbows!
Tuesday Kat and I had a lesson, normally there are some kids there but they weren't there.

We flatted, thankfully not to hard since we both had ridden the day before.

Then we warmed up over the orange again.

Course was orange up, left to the green, left to the red line, right to the in and out, roll back to the right over the black wall, roll back to the left over the red single.

Then we did the in and out backwards adding in the black wall as a benging line ish.

Then trainer got a wild hair.. or was feeling confident in my skill? Anywho she had me do the blue oxer (top left in the pic) to the red single.. but on a straight line so i was jumping the jumps on and angle in order to stay on a straight line. I did that back and forth a few times... I was pretty cool actually. Yay for Henry being broke and able to do crazy stuff!! lol

Thursday I went outside and hacked.

Worked through my paced and warming up. Then trainer had me ride one handed (think western) and work on really getting Henry to listen to my leg and neck reining a little ... Henry likes to hang on the left so she was having me give him nothing to hang on. I did think at the trot and canter.. lots of circles and going all around not just staying on the rail.

BoTing before our ride

Then I worked on some counter canter including circles.

He was great, we were both sweaty at the end.. went for a walk around to cool out and then I sponged him off and cleaned his man parts.. you are welcome Henry.

Part of the out door arena


  1. he's such a handsome pony! sounds like lots of good riding :)

  2. I love slicing/jumping on an angle! So much fun.

    1. I've done singles before but a line and the angle they were at was cray cray lol!! But we did it woot!


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