Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Henry!

Monday I hacked Henry while a few others had a lesson.

I went through a normal warm up and then counter cantered some a well.

Henry was great and we cooled out going on a little walk with some friends down the driveway.

Tuesday was lesson day...

We rode outside. Flatted around with everyone then waited out turn to jump.

Warmed up over an X and then did some courses...

Green gate to the oxer/vertical line in 6, around to the rainbow vertical/oxer in and out, around to the wall oxer/panel line in 5...

Of course after doing it twice we broke it down and worked on the issues. We worked on forward and then compressing in the lines. Also being straight straight straight.

Wednesday was his 9th birthday!! He got spoiled with lots of carrots, a long turn out and lots of love :)


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